other applications

Otras aplicaciones
  • Study of polymorphism and isomorphism in API/drugs. Characterization of pseudo-polymorphs. Analysis of amorphous content in API or drugs. Detection limit(s) and secondary phase quantification limit(s) in pharmaceutical compounds. Study of polymorphism by synchrotron radiation.
  • Determination of crystalline structures of newly synthesised materials.
  • Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of geological materials. In selected cases, dating samples of archaeological interest.
  • Characterization of coating materials and in thin layer.
  • Determination of residual stresses in steels, other metals and coatings.
  • Identification and analysis of new organic magnets (magnetic materials).
  • Characterization of calcifications in raw materials of the meat industry.
  • Characterization of solids in containers related to wines and cavas.
  • Characterization of crystalline additives.
  • Characterization of crystallizations in cheeses, rennets, milk-based ice creams, industrial fats.
  • Design of selective catalysts.
  • Support microdiffraction tests with synchrotron radiation.

Characterization of compacted land for use in construction.

The land has been used to build buildings for centuries. Today, it is estimated that half of the world’s population, about three billion people, on six continents, live or work in land-built buildings.

Compacted earth is an ecological building material that has inherent environmental benefits:

It is not manufactured or transported.
A wall made of compacted earth serves as a natural insulator, being warm in winter and cool in summer.
When the building is demolished, the land returns to the ground and can be recycled indefinitely.
However, mineralogical composition, among other properties, plays an important role in the final performance of this building material.

Consequently, X-ray diffraction is able to respond/control the quality or feasibility of land use as building material by identifying and quantifying its mineralogical composition (crystalline and aefa).