X-Ray Diffraction Advantages

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How is diffraction performed?

X-ray diffraction can reveal the mineralogical nature of the different phases present in a solid. The principle is that a beam of incident X-rays penetrates in the sample, and then it is diffracted by the crystalline planes of each sample. The angles and intensities of the diffraction are characteristic of a crystalline structure. All diffraction lines are used to identify the crystal structures.

What applications does diffraction have?

Who we are?

Chemical Engineering; (University of Málaga, 2007)

Doctorate in Chemistry; (University of Málaga, 2015).

Degree in Chemistry (University of Málaga, 2008)

Doctorate in Chemistry; (University of Málaga, 2014)

Scientific Director Spanish Synchrotron ALBA

Professor of inorganic chemistry at the University of Malaga

Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Málaga


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  • Germán García Pérez -Position: Head of Quality Control Factory of "El Alto". Business Address Spain/UK - Company: Grupo Cementos Portland Valderrivas
    Comment: Our experience with X Ray Data Services has been frankly positive. This company is an example of what should be a bridge between university and the needs of industry. We will certainly continue to count on you for the development of DRX techniques in our cement factories. Your professionalism is your guarantee.
  • Alonso Azcárate Hyacinth -Title: Professor of Crystallography and Mineralogy. -University of Castilla-La Mancha. Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Biochemistry. I have taken a course on Rietveld with the XDS company staff and I can say that after receiving the course I feel able to do any Rietveld adjustment on geological samples on my own. Previously I had tried to learn in other courses and in a self-taught way and it had been totally impossible for me. In the personalized course I did in two days, I got it! Also after the course, whenever I've had any doubts about the subject, they have solved it satisfactorily in an instant!!    
  • Patricia Jódar -Position: Head of R&D. Enamel Colorants -Company: Itaca, sau
    The evaluation of the course carried out with X-Ray Data Services has been very positive, during which we have consolidated and expanded our knowledge, as well as learning how to achieve better results and more complete information on the X-Ray diffraction technique. On the other hand, the relationship established between X-Ray Data's staff and the students of the course, promoting a very participative and dynamic environment.  

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