x-ray powder diffraction

Data Analysis

XDS assist the customer to properly acquire the data and deliver a report. XDS receive a sample,  collect the data, analyse and submit a report.

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x-ray diffraction


XDS offer tailored training services to customer needs concerning: i) sample preparation for x-ray powder diffraction analysis; ii)  data collection strategies; iii) data analysis methodologies.

Innovation & knowledge transfer and Consulting

XDS catalyse and facilitate innovation through knowledge transfer, by active collaboration to develop research projects.

XDS support the customer in the commissioning of their XRD equipments, validate/test the proper use of  XRD equipments and give services to fulfil regulation.

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X-Ray Data Services

XDS objective  is fourfold:
  • Provide support for the analysis x-ray diffraction data (regardless where they are collected: in companies, public  R & D X-ray laboratory, large facilities such as synchrotron , neutron ,etc. ) for materials, organic , inorganic compound characterization , etc.

  • Provide advice on the optimized methodology and data analysis in the use of diffractometers ( laboratory,  synchrotron , neutron )  to address the challenges posed by both private and public companies and institutions both national and international level.

  • Provide collaboration to research and innovation groups or departments in order to develop scientific projects.

  • Provide advice on the development of diffraction equipment and validation of the good use of them.

General challenges of interest to industries are:

  • Quantitative analysis of mineral phases
  • Polymorphism study
  • Detection limits of crystalline phases
  • Quantification of amorphous phase in crystalline matrices
  • Quantification of  crystalline phases  in amorphous matrices